MoP Talent Calculator

The WoW world is abuzz with thoughts on the latest development from Blizzard: a preliminary talent calculator for Mists of Pandaria. This new tool shows us all the skills each class and spec gets at every level, plus all the new talents in the revamped talent system. It’s pretty cool, you guys.

Join me after the break for a bit of analysis on some of my favored classes.

Death Knight

We’re seeing some pretty interesting things here for Death Knights. I’m excited about the new Control Undead spell; will it be akin to Mind Control, like a Priest? Or more of an Enslave Demon, ala Warlock? Nothing is clear yet, but it should provide some interesting options for certain fights. Let’s hope there are undead to tangle with in Pandaria.

As for the talents, I have to say that Asphyxiate and Gorefiend’s Grasp are just way too cool. A psychic choke move like a Sith Lord? An AOE Death Grip? Sign me up! There are a few other cool things to see here, like Remorseless Winter and the return of Corpse Explosion, but it’s hard to deny the pull of those first two abilities.


The Shaman is getting quite a major overhaul in the coming expansion. No longer will we use totems as static buffs; instead, those buffs will be rolled into our auras, and the totems we lay down will provide powerful–but temporary–benefits. This is evidenced both by the talents and by browsing through the class skills: we only have two totems by level 30 when we get Totemic Recall, and receive a mere four after that (up to eight with talents). That’s a pittance compared to today… but I’m not too worried. Blizzard has pulled off bigger changes than this.

Shaman talents for this next expansion are looking pretty neat as well. Having a totem option (or in other words, a cooldown option) at most talent levels is pretty nice. I’m excited to see how Echo of the Elements works out. And the final tier presents a tough choice: do I want to toss my totems around the battlefield, or throw down more than one of each school? We’ll have to see how these things work before more can be said.


My third pet class is also getting a facelift. Warlocks will have different resource systems in each spec, which makes them perhaps the most complex of all the pure DPS classes, at least as far as understanding resources goes. One skill I’m excited about is Demonic Portal, which appears to be a way to create short wormholes that other players can use. The PvP implications are numerous, but I see a lot of PvE utility as well. Imagine a Warlock leaving portals on the left and right sides of a polarized fight, so now players can swap sides with ease. This is but one of the many possibilities.

As for talents, where to even begin? Harvest of Life is an awesome twist on Drain Life. Spell Drain could be a total game-breaker if used carefully–I can’t wait to soak up a Mage’s Pyroblast! It’s a tossup for me between Blood Fear and Burning Rush, because both sound fascinating and useful. As for the Grimoires, I can only shout for joy at the prospect of finally, finally¬†getting to see some new demons. My current ones will always hold a special place in my dark, angry Warlock heart, but honestly, they’re getting old. The final tier of Warlock talents present a very difficult choice between three awesome talents. I’m excited to see how all of these play out.


Of course, since this is a Monk blog, it would be remiss of me not to talk about Monks a bit. But alas, I cannot! For indeed there is no Monk talent calculator yet. I suspect there won’t be one for quite a while. But you can bet I’ll write about it when it goes live!

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